The abuse of alcohol and drugs is commonly referred to as substance abuse. In the world, they are the two leading causes of addiction. The good part is, there are effective treatment plans which are available to combat them.

There are a good number of support services which can effectively treat substance abuse.

To start with, counsellors are regarded as a proficient support service for substance abuse treatment. Counselling is a very common form of treatment for individuals who are suffering from drugs and alcohol-related problems, and there are lots of approaches which can be employed to help the addicted individual.

However, the treatment which the counsellor would give, is based on the assessment and evaluation of the addicted individual.

Counselling is given by psychologists, healthcare professionals, psychiatrists and a host of others. There are various avenues for doing this, it could be over the phone, face to face, group counselling and a host of others.

Another essential support service is detoxification. This is basically the removal of harmful substances in the body. The addicted individual’s system is flushed of all toxic substances which must have accumulated all through the period of addiction.

There are also withdrawal services for substance abuse treatment. This form of treatment handles people who go through some certain symptoms which affects their mental and physical health, after the use of either drugs or alcohol. There are two forms of withdrawal services, there is residential withdrawal and home-based withdrawal.

The residential withdrawal involves a short stay in the treatment facility where treatment is offered, a good example of this, is a hospital. For the home-based withdrawal, this involves phases of individual sessions in a short period of time, accompanied by ongoing counselling.

This is provided by a doctor and nurse, and it is useful for people who have mild withdrawal symptoms.

There are also rehabilitation services which includes residential rehabilitation, therapeutic day rehabilitation and peer support. For residential rehabilitation, a safe environment is made available for people who find it very difficult to overcome their substance abuse problem.

Therapeutic day rehabilitation is for those who are at short-term harm because of their drug or alcohol problem, and they need serious intensive support. While peer support is arranged by people who are currently facing substance abuse, or have faced it in the past.

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