The impact which alcohol abuse has on the body does not commence when there has been an accumulation of alcohol within the body, it starts when the first sip is taken. One fact about alcohol is, there is always an urge to have more.

Later on, when you are aware of the negative consequences attached to it, there is a tendency for you to feel less concerned, as you are focused on satisfying yourself.

Basically, alcohol abuse means taking alcohol excessively, thereby leading to an obsessive and compulsive disorder known as addiction.

Alcohol abuse has lots of effects, physically, mentally amongst others, and the earlier you figure them out and seek treatment, the better for your health and wellness.

In the short term, the memory of the individual could be impaired, after having few drinks. If the individual takes large amount of alcohol within a short while, without having any food in the stomach, there is a tendency for a blackout. A blackout is basically a period of time when the person cannot remember details of events which occurred.

There are some activities which people carry out during blackouts which could be disadvantageous for both themselves and others. Also, the person could experience problem while walking; you can also tell if a person has had too much alcohol from their speech which would most likely be slurred.

In addition, the person’s vision will be blurry and if care is not taken, he could fall at intervals. Another significant effect of alcohol abuse is, the individual would have reduced reaction time, which means that it would be difficult for him to respond on impulse.

All the aforementioned effects are in the short-term. For the long term effects, the individual is very likely to have weight gain within the time frame of excessive drinking of alcohol, and he could have problems with coordination.

If care is not taken, his major internal organs such as the liver, kidney and lungs, could be affected. Increased blood pressure is also bound to happen.

Also, the individual will realize that a good number of his relationships have been affected, his communication prowess would be on the decline, and most times, he would be in isolation.

It is advised that people in this category seek addiction treatment help for recovery.

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