Drugs are chemicals which have an effect on the body and brain. Various drugs come with diverse effects. Some of these effects could be short-lived, while others could be permanent.

A good number of these effects could linger on after the person has ceased taking the substance. There are few avenues of taking drugs, it could either be through injection, ingestion and inhalation.

The effects which drug has on the body is hinged on the method of delivery. For instance, if the drug is injected into the bloodstream, there is an instant effect. However, if it is ingested, the effect is delayed. However, all misused drugs have an effect on the brain.

They increase the amount of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which aids in the regulation of our emotions, pleasure feelings and motivation, thereby flooding the brain with a “high” feeling.

Hence, the drugs modify the working of the brain, and it influences the ability of a person to make right choices, which then results in strong cravings and obsessive drug use. With time, this leads to substance dependency and drug addiction.

To start with, drug abuse makes the immune system weak. This implies that the chances of coming down with illness and infection is higher, because the body organs are not well fortified with defences against them. Hence, someone who abuses drugs would fall have health problems on a regular basis.

In addition, drug abuse which leads to drug addiction induces heart conditions which range from irregular heart rates, to heart attacks, and almost-dysfunctional veins; infections of the blood vessel due to injected drugs.

Nausea and abdominal pain are also likely to occur, and it could induce loss in weight and changes in appetite. The liver is also at risk, as it fails and there is a significant l, as it fails and there is a significant liver damage in the long run.

The individual will also have memory problems, and it would be hard for him to make right decisions, which would make his daily lifestyle quite difficult. Men who abuse drugs will most likely develop breasts, and body temperature increase which could cause health problems.

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