Over the years, there has been much enquiries into the causes and risk factors which are connected with alcohol abuse.

There is no precise and accurate structure to show the drinking habits of an individual, but quality research has shown that alcohol abuse is triggered by a host of factors. It should also be known that alcohol abuse is no respecter of persons, gender, age, status and the likes.

The common causes of alcohol abuse are divided into: Biological factors, environmental factors, social factors and psychological factors.

For BIOLOGICAL factors, research has proved that there is a close association between alcohol abuse and biological factors especially when it comes to physiology and genetics. For some individuals, they have the capacity to reduce the amount of alcohol they take, while some usually feel the strong desire to continue taking alcohol.

For some individuals, alcohol gives them the needed pleasure, and this encourages the brain to repeat the addictive behavior. Hence, doing this on a regular basis, keeps you more vulnerable to developing alcohol abuse.

Taking a look at ENVIRONMENTAL factors, there is also a close association between your environment and alcohol abuse.

It is a proved fact that people who reside closer to where alcohol is available, tend to abuse alcohol more than those who stay quite a distance. As a matter of fact, such people have a positive disposition towards drinking than others.

The next is SOCIAL factors. Your family, culture, religion, work and the likes are major social factors which can influence alcohol abuse.

Family and friends are known to play the biggest role when it comes to the chances of a person coming down with alcohol abuse. Children and teenagers who are exposed to alcohol are likely to abuse it than others who are not.

PSYCHOLOGICAL factors are the last. There are various psychological factors which influence alcohol abuse. For each person, we have our unique ways of handling situations.

There are some people who cannot cope with high levels of stress and anxiety, and they look to other options, which unfortunately, alcohol happens to be one.

People who are addicted to alcohol are advised to see a therapist, it would be difficult to handle such addiction on your own without involving seasoned health specialists who have handled similar cases in the past.

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