There is no proven cause of drug abuse, however, there are genetic, environmental and co-occurring conditions which leads to it. Drug use is very common among teenagers and young adults. However, a few number of them go on to abuse drugs.

Now, it has been observed that, drug abuse is common in some families than the other, and this is why genetics has been suggested as one of the causes of drug abuse.

A parent who abuses drugs on a regular basis, would also have the child do the same at one point or the other. The reason for this is not far-fetched, the child sees what the parents does, and would like to follow suit.

The child has no idea what the parent does, however, the child believes the parents does that as a result of good judgement. Hence, abusing drugs becomes like a normal activity for the child.

When that child grows up, the same thing happens and a vicious cycle is created. Now, it would be difficult for the parent to correct the child because, he or she cannot do without it.

Therefore, if you see someone who abuses drugs, there is a likely chance that, there is a history of drug abuse in the person’s family.

In addition, when it comes to co-occurring conditions, it refers to mental health problems. Mental health problem is not a known cause of drug abuse.

However, it could become complicated because the person suffering from them would want to use drugs to alleviate the symptoms. At first, there is a relief, but it is temporary.

The depression or anxiety is not the cause of the drug abuse, but it was a contributing factor. Although, it is a known fact that, not everyone who has a mental health problem, abuses drugs.

Then, there is the environmental factor. For instance, teenagers who abuse drugs, do so because of peer pressure. They have this false belief that they would appear cool in front of their mates once they abuse drugs.

Parents of these teenagers who are negligent, often aggravates this, because they would not be aware of what their child is doing.  

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