Effects of drug addiction on the brain

Drug addiction affects the brain in various ways imagined. When the chemical enters the brain, people lose control of their impulses and they crave more of the drugs.

When an addiction sets in, the brain continually desires the reward the substance provides. This is because the reward system of the brain is intensely triggered.

When someone abuses drug, there is a brief and intense burst of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical that makes people feel elated. This feeling is usually very powerful that the brain would request more every time. Eventually, the drug abuse develops into a severe addiction.

Once the drugs have intensely impacted the brain, physical symptoms are felt. And the nervous system experiences the impact of the chemicals.

With time, the individual’s heart beat increases, hallucinations, nausea and paranoia sets in. Then, the individual becomes obsessed with taking more of the substance to keep up with the habit.

As far as the brain keeps being rewards, addiction can never seize. And since the brain controls emotions, temperature and a host of other functions, these functions begin to act in a different way. The individual would not realize this malady because the brain is still fed with pleasure.

In the not-too-distant future, the individual begins to realize that something is wrong with his health. And by this time, the symptoms are usually grave.

Then, when he tries to stop drug addiction, his body and brain are greeted with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. At this point, it is best to go to a rehab.

When an addicted individual enters in for rehab, it is a major step towards sobriety. An evaluation would be taken on his addiction situation. And treatments would be prescribed in accordance with the assessment.  

Provided the individual is willing to cooperate with the counselor, therapists and other health professionals, there is a tendency of his health restored back on track. Recovery from drug addiction is quite challenging but being in the right hands makes it easier to pull through.

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