Every teenager faces a variety of challenges during his or her teenage years. However, for others, those challenges can quickly become overwhelming and this can result in some serious problems for teens.

It is not uncommon for teens and young adults to become involved with drugs for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately, there are many cases in which the cause of the problem goes much deeper than “experimentation.” 

One of the first and major reasons why teenagers get addicted to drugs is peer pressure, in a bit to fit in, they abuse substances. When teens are growing, they often experience many insecurities, low self-esteem, and fear of not being accepted by their peers.

The desire to be cool or to be a part of a more seductive, older social circle drives teens to use drugs to fit in and feel a sense of belonging.

Also, teenagers tend to get addicted to drugs due to the nature of curiosity and being overly inquisitive. Growing up, kids become teens, and they are naturally curious. Teenagers often seek out drugs or alcohol to experience the sensations of being drunk.

It is not uncommon to find teens taking drugs and getting addicted to them in the present just for the sole reason of getting attention. Teenagers often feel lacking in purpose or talent and therefore are driven by these feelings into substance abuse.

Some teenagers do not know how to get their parents’ and teachers’ undivided attention, so they take the path to the bottom in the hope that they will get their parents’ and teachers’ undivided attention.

Furthermore, feeling good is part of the desire and part of the need for feeling better. In reality, teens who look to “feel better” are self-medicating. Rather than peer pressure or failing a homework assignment, they are facing something deeper. 

Depression, social anxiety, and stress-related disorders are prevalent among adolescents. Their negative feelings are overwhelmed by drug-induced pleasure, which helps them forget their negative emotions.

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